Your FREE Access to the World's Largest Newsstand

We are excited to announce access to digital, on-demand versions of popular magazines through Zinio!

Choose from more than 70 popular magazines and read the latest issue for free, anytime, anywhere, with no waiting lists. Zinio's digital platform recreates each issue of a magazine page-for-page, including full-color pictures. You turn the pages by clicking and you can even search for keywords in articles. You also have access to interactive media elements such as audio and video.

You can view Zinio magazines on a computer, via a web browser, or via an App.

To get started you need a valid Carter Memorial Library card, an email address, and an internet-enabled device on which to read the magazines. Ask library staff for help with setting up a Zinio account or follow the instructions under the Zinio logo.

Ready to get started? Click the Zinio logo at the top left of the screen! Happy reading!